Iíve been trying all night

To get you on the phone

But the phone keeps ringing

I guess youíre not at home    Oh

Girl I said some things

And I know that wasnít right

Yes Iím sorry can I

Can I dry your tears tonight


Oh no, I donít want to lose you

How can I get through to you

Girl Iíve got to find a way



Tonight Iím going to dry your tears away

Thereís so many things Iíd like to say

Things that Iíve been holding way down deep inside

Tonight Iím going to let my feelings show

In each and every way to let you know

That I donít every want to live without you

So can I dry your tears tonight


Iím waiting for the sound of your hello

Still Iím dialing here in vain

To think that I could lose my baby

Is driving me insane

Iíll through away my foolish pride

Can we give it one more try

Please donít through our love away


(Chorus) (repeat)