Oh I, I知 over you

Oh I, girl I知 over you

Every dawning of a new day

Is a chance to start anew

Feel my heart beat growing stronger

From the things been going through

Feel it coming soon around the way

That day you値l hear me say, I値l say



Girl I知 over you

So glad that we are through

I知 gonna find me someone who loves me

Love is on the way

No need for me to stay here

Gonna find me someone who loves me


I ain稚 try段n to hear no stories

No more sorry alibies

Never ever ever compensates for

The lonely lonely tears I cry

Feel it com段n soon around the way

That day you値l hear me say




Girl I知 gonna find me

Find me another love (repeat)

Girl believe me when I say


I give you my lovin

Girl I give you my time

The more I give you lovin

The more you act blind

Promise to love me

And this much is true

But never you appreciate

The things that I do

Now I知 tired of that

So come now beware

New mister lover lover

So you best prepare

Cocoman don稚 play that

Long time you test me

Now two can play dat

Find me another love

Hear me when I say dat

Me no want no more of your lies

So come now delay dat, delay dat, delay dat

Real and come again