I donít want to see you cry

So let me dry the tears from you eyes

I just want to make it right with you

I didnít mean to do you wrong

Cause girl my love for you so strong

So strong, I know weíre gonna make it through



So just let me love you

I want to love you

Just let me love you

I need to love you

Ooooh baby


Girl I really donít know what I was thinking

Canít believe I hurt your feelings

Must have been out of my mind

Ooooh sugar can I make it better

We can make it through the stormy weather

I think we found the love of our lifetime



Sweet baby


So please baby no more crying

Canít you see how hard Iím trying

Can it be the way it used to be

I donít know what Iíd do without you

And the love that Iíve found thatís so true

Youíre all the woman that I need




On girl, want to give you my loviní

Baby, sweet tender loviní  (repeat)


Girl let me hold you tenderly

Kiss and caress you

Give what you need

Love is the answer, love is the key

Just let my loviní set you free