Wanna  thank you for the love, for the love (repeat)


I want to take a little time

To let you know and tell you how I feel

About you baby

When I close my eyes every where I go

I see you lovely smile every time lady

Cause the love your givení me

It touch so tenderly my lonely lonely heart



I want to thank you for the love

For the love youíve givení me

For the love that I needed

Girl love only you can give

For the love, for the love, for the love baby


And when I go to sleep

Itís you that I meet

When Iím dreaminí baby

Well, well, well

And when I find you there

No feeling can compare

So glad I found you lady

When I see you again

Iím never gonna let it end

Iím gonna hold on to your love

I wanna thank you




Been lookiní around for so very long

And now I know

Found the one that Iíve been waiting for

Gotta let it show

You are my rainbow and my treasure at the rainbowís end

My lover like no other

Girl you are my closest friend

Donít wanna spend another day without you

Put a ring upon your finger so you will know its true

And I just wanna thank you