Well Iíve been up and Iíve been down

So high above the clouds

Then way down to the ground

Iím feeling high, then feeling low

Sometimes I feel like I ainít got no where to go

No where to go, I just donít know

One things for sure



Donít count me out cause Iím still in it

Donít count me out Iím not about to just go give in

Donít lose my number, forget my name

Just call me what you want, to me itís all the same

Hear what I say, Iím here to stay

Donít count me out


No lookiní back, I wonít look behind

No doubt about it, yeah,  I know just what Iíll find

I must be strong, I canít be weak

See me headed for the thrill of victory

Iíve just begun, Oh here I come

I am the one




Iím takiní my loses

But Iím still in the game

Many rivers Iím crossiní

Watch me pass through the flames

Set it up that I lose, but I can choose

Iím refusiní,

I thought Iíready told you bout the stuff that Iím usiní

Down on my knees every day, Got to pray

Cause I know Heís the only one whose makiní a way for me, to be, more free, you see

Than I ever ever thought I could be, so

The harder they come, the harder they fall

In it to win it, better hear that yíall, better hear that yíall, better hear that yíall